Please follow these guidelines when submitting a short story to Eggseed Press:

  2. Once you are in the channel, you will be able to visit the (COMING SOON - Projects page) Review the project requirements there.
  3. Pick or write a story for the Project you selected, following the Content Guide below.
  4. Add a cover page and format your document per the Document Specification below, and print it as an Markdown file.
  5. Open the project for which you are submitting your story while logged into your Eggseed Press account, attach your PDF file to the submission form, and submit! Memo field is optional.

You should receive an email acknowledging your submission within minutes. An editor will be in touch with you regarding your manuscript within six business days. Our goal is to give every submission a personal response, but if you do not hear from us within six business days you may assume we will not be making an offer.

If you are not of legal age, your parent or guardian must submit on your behalf. If you are submitting for somebody without Internet access (e.g., for an imprisoned or Internet-disabled author) or for a minor, disclose the circumstances in the memo field of the submission form.

Document Specification (Short Story Manuscripts):

  1. Markdown format. See this guidefor more information about Markdown.
  2. Use a 12 pt or larger font.
  3. English language, please.
  4. 1 space after periods, one blank line between paragraphs, no indenting.
  5. Page numbering is not needed.
  6. Cover page: Submission date, legal name, address, email and phone number at upper left, Project name and approximate number of words at upper right, title and author name at center of the cover page. Author name can be a pen name under which the story should be published.
  7. Headers: Pages after the cover page should include the author last name and title at the upper left header, and Project name at upper right.

Content Guide:

  1. Must be your own original, unpublished content. No fan fiction. You must own all rights.
  2. No political propaganda or content designed to offend or disparage any person, culture, or faith. However, new perspectives and risk taking are encouraged, if for good reasons.
  3. No gratuitous violence, graphic gore, or sexual description without sufficient literary purpose. No erotica.
  4. Know your craft. We are looking for captivating stories, not abstract, experimental fiction.
  5. Stay within the Project’s genre.
  6. For adult Projects, unless otherwise requested we prefer stories that are primarily directed to adult readers but that can be accessed by readers as young as 12 without parental warnings.