In times like these, we dream of things that not yet be.

To be wealthy, but not filthy,

as rich as twenty kings without needing a penny.

Surrounded by love and thriving with joy and ease,

_in a city set by a sparkling sea, caressed by gentle breeze.

Under shining stars, all work satisfies.

All are free to work, so all do

build what is precious.

In listening then acting,

value springs.

We share, never steal.

Teach, not compel.

Forgive honest mistakes.

Confess our sins, show our needs without fear,

our fears without need.

_A mighty harvest all this brings.

Some dreams seem too far off to seize,

when ignorance and hatred slam us with their clubs,

_crushing skulls. Ogres mutter,

“mutual support is against the Rules.”

Don’t believe it!

Remember your defenses.

Stronger we grow.

Steady! We will let be.